Natalia Lvova

Artist (San Francisco)

NATALIA LVOVA (b. Tyumen, Russia, 1985) is an oil painter known for her utilization of vibrant colors and a signature spiral mark-making technique based in San Francisco, CA. Lvova holds a patent for her unique style of painting, aptly named ‘TwiddleART.’ She has shown at the Palace of Fine Arts, SOMArts Cultural Center, and Voss Gallery in San Francisco, CA and the Siberian Center of Contemporary Art, Novosibirsk State Art Museum, and Contemporaries of Canvas in Russia, among others. Her work is included in the permanent collections of Stanford University, CA and G8 Gallery, Russia.

Employing the tenderness of her signature spiral mark-making technique to depict the transcendent mosaic of human intimacy, Lvova reclaims ownership of sexual imagery from the predominantly female gaze. Cropped compositions of sensual scenes, derived from pornographic sources, are subverted, amplified, and transformed into vibrant, iridescent works. Figures are distilled to their elemental forms, becoming textured, luscious fragments of an immersive kaleidoscope. Lvova’s blunt representation of desire from the female viewpoint considers the curiosity of sexual impulse and intrigue. Passion and play spin free from boundaries as identifying features approach a mesmeric universal. Within these couplings and collisions of color swirls a hopeful, hidden question: who gets to define ecstasy?

“I choose the courage to be myself–with my past, my pain, and my love. I choose to expose the innermost. Everything that comes from me–my instincts, needs, desires, and dreams. This is me in the present.” – Natalia Lvova.


Resident Voss Gallery. San Francisco, CA, USA


2014   Patent #2559557 on the painting technique Twiddle-Art. RUSSIA



Member of the Union of Professional Artists of Russia #17110017 Moscow, RUSSIA
Member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists #002940 Moscow, RUSSIA
2002-2007  Diploma in Advertising (Equivalent to BS/MS), State University. Tyumen, RUSSIA 
Stanford Business School. Stanford, CA, USA
G8 Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA 

2020    "Confections" Voss Gallery. San Francisco, CA, USA 

2019    Art Attack SF Gallery. San Francisco, CA, USA 

2018    Museum of Russian Art. New York, USA  

2017    Unauthorized SFMOMA Show by SFMOMA. San Francisco, CA, USA  
2016    Palace of Fine Arts. San Francisco, CA, USA
2015    Galla Gallery. Tyumen, RUSSIA
2014    PTstudio Gallery. Moscow, RUSSIA
             Expoforum ArtFair. St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
             Grange Gallery. Tyumen, RUSSIA
2013    Siberian Center Contemporary Art. Novosibirsk, RUSSIA


2020    “BASL” Voss Gallery

             San Francisco, CA, USA 

2020    "Discolandia" 111 Minna Gallery

             San Francisco, CA, USA 

2020    "Through the Looking-Glass" Voss Gallery

             San Francisco, CA, USA 

2019    Voss Gallery

             San Francisco, CA, USA 

2019    "Self-Portrait Exhibition" Spark Arts Gallery

             San Francisco, CA, USA 

             "Make your Mark" Art Attack SF

             San Francisco, CA, USA 

             World Of Abstraction  SF Women Artists Gallery,

             San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, CA, USA 
2018    International Exhibition "Avant-Garde"

             Central House of Artists. Moscow, RUSSIA

2017    Aqua Art Miami

             Miami Beach, FL, USA

             International Exhibition "Art Portrait Club" 

              International Design Center "ART PLAY", Moscow, RUSSIA

             International Exhibition "Russian Art Week" 

             International Design Center "ART PLAY", Moscow, RUSSIA

             The cup of Russia on Artistic Creativity "Assembly Art " 

              Museum of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow, RUSSIA

             International Art Festival

             The Highline Loft Gallery in Chelsea, New York, NY, USA 

             ArtSpan, Art-In-Neighborhoods Exhibitions

             Hotel Adagio. San Francisco, CA, USA 

             ArtSpan, Art-In-Neighborhoods Exhibitions

             The Marker Hotel. San Francisco, CA, USA 

             The Exhibition "What's Not to Love?" 

             Pacific Art League. Palo Alto, CA, USA

             The Exhibition "Public Alchemy II"
             Cubberley Community Center. Palo Alto, CA, USA


             San Francisco Women Artists Gallery
2016    Annual Artists Exhibition

             Berkeley Art Center. Berkeley, CA, USA
2013    Annual Artists Exhibition

             Novosibirsk State Art Museum. Novosibirsk, RUSSIA



2019               906 World Cultural Center. San Francisco, CA, USA

2018-2019     Journal Building Artist Residency. San Francisco, CA, USA


2019    Voss Gallery. San Francisco, CA, USA

2018    111 Minna Gallery. San Francisco, CA, USA
2017    "The Color Beyond Archetypes" exhibition. San Francisco, CA, USA

              Art Showcase - June. San Jose, CA, USA

              Art Showcase - April. San Jose, CA, USA

              Gallery 518. Valencia St. San Francisco, CA, USA
              ArtSlooth, The Public Works. San Francisco, CA, USA
2016     Art Showcase - December. Menlo Park, CA, USA
              Art Showcase - November. Menlo Park, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. San Francisco, CA, USA
              Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. Stanford, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. Atherton, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. Palo Alto, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. Stanford, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. San Francisco, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. Palo Alto, CA, USA
              ArtsUp. Stanford, Stanford, CA, USA



2019    ArtSpan. San Francisco, CA, USA

2018    ArtSpan. San Francisco, CA, USA
2017    ArtSpan. San Francisco, CA, USA

2016    ArtSpan. San Francisco, CA, USA
             SVOS. Saratoga, CA, USA
             SVOS. Palo Alto, CA, USA
             SVOS. Los Altos, CA, USA



2020 Public Art "The New Religion". 'Not' Burning Man 2020. Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA

2019 Public Art "The New Religion". San Francisco, CA, USA

2018 Mural "Urban cave painting". Tyumen, RUSSIA
2014  Sculpture “Equilibrium". Tyumen, RUSSIA



2017   AWARD Mastery & Artistry. International Art Festival.

            The Highline Loft Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA

            AWARD 1st place February Exhibition.

            Pacific Art League. Palo Alto, CA, USA

            AWARD 1st place International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts "Russian Art Week".

            International Design Center "Artplay" Moscow, RUSSIA

            AWARD 1st place International Exhibition of Arts.

            State Museum of Vernadsky. Moscow, RUSSIA

            AWARD 1st place International Exhibition of Art Portraits.

            International Design Center "Artplay" Moscow, RUSSIA
2015   DIPLOMA Laureate of the International Contest “Best Works of 2015” 3rd place in nomination “Street Art”.

            The International  Association of Designers Vatikam. Paris, FRANCE



2017 National Festival Cup of Russia "Assembly Art". Moscow, RUSSIA

          National Festival "Young Talent of Russia". Moscow, RUSSIA



2018    Workshop. Escondido Center, Stanford, CA, USA

             Lecture "How to Sell Your Art". House of the Union Russian Artists, Tyumen, Russia

             Lecture "Community" International project "Creative Mornings". Printing House, Tyumen, Russia
2017    Workshop. Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA, USA

             Workshop. Escondido Center, Stanford, CA, USA
2016    Workshop. Escondido Center, Stanford, CA, USA
             Workshop. Escondido Center, Stanford, CA, USA
             Workshop. Escondido Center, Stanford, CA, USA
2015    Workshop. Art Attack SF, San Francisco, CA, USA
             Workshop. Retro House, Tyumen, RUSSIA
             Workshop. Workplace, Tyumen, RUSSIA
2014    Workshop. Rehabilitation Center "Bridging", Moscow, RUSSIA
             Workshop. TIS, Tyumen, RUSSIA
2013    Workshop. Kalinka, Tyumen, RUSSIA

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