Collection of "Happiness is in the Details" 2013

“What is happiness? How can one happy?”- I ruminated while making my first art collection. In the mind’s eye I recalled a caravan of absolutely happy moments from my life. Then it struck me that happiness resides in the simple little things that surround me every day. It’s the bright sun that temporarily blinds my eyes upon waking up, or strolling around the city, or walking barefoot along the sea or ocean shore. It’s travelling, having adventures with friends, it’s music that I can’t live without. It’s the surprises, and not necessarily for myself – I love surprising my nearest and dearest, as it makes me much happier. I feel happiness with every cell of my body, because I’ve got a strong family who support me through thick and thin. Walking and enjoying ice-cream with my mom on those rare days when we can be together. And of course the greatest bliss is to have my dreams come true. One’s own happiness needs so little – just grateful acceptance of what you have. And with that acceptance joy will be there for you every given day!

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