AUTHOR: Anastasia Beresneva
SOURCE: The Chief Woman - Novosibirsk April 23, 2015  





Works of the artist Natalia Lvova marvel with incredible colors and shapes, bringing a wonderful feeling of belonging to a miracle. Imagine the scene of the most beautiful feeling or moment of your life. Have you imagined? Now add a subtle craftsmanship, original twiddle-art technique (in English, it means “a spiral, a curl”), quality Italian materials, and you will get your private “window” with incredible views. Natalia’s painting style may take you in those regions where love covers a sleeping family with an invisible blanket, where the village landscape gives rise to piercingly warm reminiscences, where ordinary things are full of beauty and adoration. The special texture of works allows your fingertips to sense the artist’s emotions, arising out of a spinning brush and instantaneous smiling all over the world. She says, “Paintings are an invitation to dialogue and communication between people, and I like it when in these puzzles viewers find something to their own taste, even something what I was not drawing. It’s amazing!”
And the truth as an everyday life can blossom on the canvas as a fabulous flower. Natalia has a special courage to express herself. She is a self-taught topnotcher, but she is not constrained by academic standards. She is always open to new experiences and incarnations. And her previous experience of a successful marketing consultant helps the artist to maintain the specified quality standard, “I came from the right business where reputation is important, and I set very high performance requirements. Control and attention in everything: from the choice of canvas and brushes up to transportation of any painting."
Natalia often receives orders from her fans who wish to learn how her world can look through the extraordinary prism of her creativity. They ask her to paint different things: the lovebirds ask about beauty of their feelings; families – about some significant moment in their life, while others want to see their dreams and hobbies.
There is an opportunity not only to order a picture, but also get a piece of work with the background that has already managed to take part in exhibitions and absorbed a lot of good and pure thoughts. True art over the years: it is only getting more expensive, including spiritual motives. And if you have a desire to bring into your home or office a piece of light art world, entrust it to Natalia Lvova.

AUTHOR: Marina Plesovskikh

SOURCE: www.

December 16, 2014



How many people are there among your acquaintances who have managed to succeed in activities that seemingly do not involve any commercial gain, but at the same time these talents have not had good offices, necessary contacts, investors’ support and even academic education?

Such people are all around and they are nearby. A paragon among them is a young talented artist from Tyumen Natalia Lvova. In just 2 years of her artistic career, she has held six exhibitions in several Russian cities, including St. Petersburg and the capital. She never stops preparing new projects, taking orders, and her paintings are currently decorating the interior of successful people in Tyumen and Novosibirsk.

The way it began, a special artistic style, values ​​and plans for the future can be read about in various interviews on Natalia’s website. However, I want to know the formula of her success. What is in the core: an inborn talent, hard work or tremendously favorable circumstances? Here is what the artist herself tells about it.

“I think it's the one and the other. Of course, hard work is my strong point. My husband often says that I am of the few people who walk the talk. As soon as I have something on my mind, I just say it and immediately start doing it, without placing it on a shelf.”


Despite the fact that Natalia spends 14 hours a day in the company of canvases and oil paint, this lifestyle does not make her feel exhausted because her favorite business empowers her. This is her way of life. But in addition to time and efforts spent on the project, you must first generate an idea. Where do you take creativity?

“I can surely say that I am pumping this skill through. Every day I come up with something. I just go down the street, have a walk, considering what’s around me, and I see an extraordinary part in the ordinary thing. I see faces, situations, animals. I am too much keen on and interested in them. I pile these moments in my library of ideas, and then I can mix them up and create something new. I believe that there are no uncreative people; there are people who have not developed this skill quite enough.”


In order to get beyond the boundaries of his comfortable existence and start doing something that inspires you, that brings pleasure and delight, you need some courage. Why is not everyone ready to take the plunge? What is the force that restrains us?

“Neither person has limits. If a person claims that he is just short of time or opportunities, it’s just troubles in his head. We can do everything. And realizing that, I just take on and do it.”


Undoubtedly, belief in your own strength is one of the components of success. But how much it is important for you that people around you could believe in what you do?
“In my environment there are no people who would not support me. So, I do not trouble so much. But for the support of my husband, my mother and my family, nothing would have happened.”


If you want to be successful, forget about laziness. Be efficient, develop your creativity, work on yourself, get rid of clamps and bans in your head and create a favorable environment. The like-minded should always be at your elbow, or at least those people who will support you.

SOURCE: Miraman Journal Novosibirsk
November 1, 2014

Natalia LVOVA: “I paint 14 hours a day!"


A self-taught artist from Tyumen told “Miraman” about the wonderful painting style she came up with herself and shared her lifestyle principles.


Bright paintings, one of a kind. You just take a good look, and familiar images suddenly appear among abstract shapes: Gagarin, Pushkin, Matryoshka (a nest doll), Cheburashka (Topple)… You again scrutinize and find out that they are painted in an unusual way – each stroke is twisted into a spiral.




— Natalia, in the past you had a successful career in marketing. You were a specialist in the RK. Why did you decide to drop everything and begin painting?
— I was keen on my marketing career. You just watch the fireworks at the end of a self-organized event and think, “Oh, yes! I’m a whizz!” I arranged city days, entertaining and sports municipal festivals. But at the same time I wanted something deeper, I needed development. And in my case it was only possible if I could relocate into a very large company, arranging grandiose events. But at the same you get frayed nerves and spend little time with the family, even much less. My family is a priority for me.
Besides, I always wanted to paint, but I never did it. And it happened so that my husband made me a huge gift. He just allowed me to do what I want. There was no doubt. Everything what I did in marketing was easily left behind, and I saturated myself in creative work and art. 


— You have created your technique: a  twiddle-art style (in translation 
“a spiral, a curl”. – author’s note). It helps you to create three-dimensional paintings of a particular texture. How have you come up with this idea?
— After abandoning my career, I began to do in an abstract style. And somehow I discovered that my mommy had no painting of mine. I decided to correct this unfortunate mistake. I began painting a landscape in an abstract style, looking at the sunset: the colors were just the thing, but the texture was not that. Well, the paint would not load as much as I wanted! So, I decided to twist the brush. I “twisted” the whole sky and got such an amazing effect that I realized that it was cool, I needed to continue!


— Have you even made a decision to patent your own style?
— Yes, I have. Now my application is in the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks. First, we made a special analysis. Experts have investigated domestic and foreign patent market, but they have not found any analogues. It’s a long process, and I hope to succeed.


— What will you gain from it?
— Professional artists can say that my paintings are just a snicker. They may say that I do not have any education. Being a wife of a powerful man, I began to paint out of sheer idleness. I am not worried about such an opinion. But the patent may dress all up. For me it is a matter of my life, fun, everyday work. As they say, “It is the piece of paper that makes the difference…” It’s nice that in history 
there remains some information that an artist from Tyumen, a self-taught artist, came up with this style.
Now there is little new in painting, and it always attracts attention. Maybe someday everyone will paint in the same manner. Even now, when I conduct master classes, my students want to paint with curls. Of course, I will not sue upon anybody in court, claiming, “Why do you paint in my style?” I just want to fix that it was my idea.




—  Paintings of the series “Russia”, which you have presented in Novosibirsk, just impress with their content. It’s a sort of kaleidoscope: Matryoshka (a nest doll), a samovar (a fire pot), Gagarin… How did you create the series?
—  The series “Russia” appeared in connection with the Ukrainian events. I wanted to draw something that I love and appreciate in my country. I realized that it had to be symbols, brands as in marketing, which make us recognizable, excluding vodka, of course. Thus 10 sketches appeared. I painted all in a surprisingly easy manner. Usually when you prepare a collection you always distract yourself in order to have a rest. You just get a backache, or a numb neck. In this case I painted 14 hours a day and did not feel tired!


—  14 hours near the canvas. It looks like a deep meditation and the result of great inner work! 
—  Sure, it’s a kind of meditation. I like painting, listening to incanting or music radio station “Relax FM”. You are just on your own self.  It is desirable that the studio should be empty. Actually, the dearest people can be around, but they have to read or just get up to their own things.
      My will, diligence and perseverance help me to work so much. In my childhood, when my mother told me off for my bad behavior, she forced me to do what my grandmother would ask to. My grandmother taught me to embroider. I spent hours embroidering in satin-stitch. This fostered my perseverance. I can do one thing for a long time, without getting side-tracked. My grandmother embroidered paintings, wove large carpets. I have become her continuation, but in my own work.

—  Which painting from this series has a special story? Is there any of them that you love the most?
—  I painted “Cheburashka” (Topple) longer than any other painting. This painting consists of tiny curls made by the handle of the brush. I spent the whole week working on it.
But the jewel of my collection is the painting “Winter”. It is snow-white, and it’s very difficult to view any adumbration on it. But if you scrutinize, you’ll see open palms in mittens which is a symbol of Russian hospitality. In addition, you may see a hat with ear-flaps and valenki (felt boots). Yes, the painting may seem to be empty. But in fact, it reflects plenty of warmth and love. I feel them. Such a warm winter!


—  Do you ponder over the painting in advance, or everything happens by itself, in the process of work?
—  First, I make a sketch on the paper. I imagine shapes to be painted, and then I weave lines. For example, in the painting with Putin, there is the Kremlin on each side; a clumsy bear is adjacent to the balalaika, the accordion and a birch. Only after the sketch is ready, I pick up colors, swirls and put the painting on the canvas.


—  Each of your pictures is brain training, each viewer’s work with his personal imaginative thinking. But is it primarily a way of dialogue with the public, or rather the inner monologue which you demonstrate using paintings?
—  I paint not for myself. Sure, it’s an invitation to dialogue, communication between people on any topic. I like when viewers find something to their own taste in these puzzles, even what I have not painted in them. It’s amazing! For example, my mother saw a
parrot in the painting “Clumsy Bear”. We were strongly laughing because she saw a parrot in my birch!


—  Are curls also different?
—  Yes. There is a curl of the brush. Then each bristle takes a certain amount of paint. It gives one effect. There is a curl with the handle of the brush. Then paint is expanded and pressed. So, a smaller curl appears.



—  What are you working on right now? Perhaps, you are creating a new series of paintings?
—  Currently I am busy with exhibitions. By chance, I have managed to organize exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen and Novosibirsk. The process of organization is time-consuming: the choice of sites, advertising, transportation, audience. In addition, I make customized paintings.
As for the work on the series, it requires full commitment and a lot of time. When I am not pressed for time, I will start working on the collection “Fruit of Love”. It will describe kindness, compassion and honesty, telling about all what my family lives with and the way all people should live. I will again make a dialogue with the audience. This collection will be a reason to talk about human values. I think, in February, on Valentine's Day, the collection will be ready.


—  You said that you make customized paintings. Can you repeat any of the paintings from the collection for a customer?
—  Once it is hand-made, I cannot repeat it! I am just thinking: what if a hundred years later I may become a famous artist and someone wants to copy my painting… But it is impossible to pick the same brush, make sure that the bristles are in the same position and somebody’s hand paints in the same way as mine. I myself cannot repeat my own curls. So, my paintings cannot be duplicated, even I cannot do it myself.


—  What do you teach during your master classes? Do you teach your style?
—  First of all, I teach to get rid of bans and limitations which a person may run into. If he wants to learn something or achieve something, there can be no borders. The groups may consist of people who paint quite differently. As I am leaving the country soon, I try to inspire them, lead and praise them a lot, so that a person would continue painting for himself, his loved ones, just understanding that he is an artist! 
He must not be afraid.


—  What kind of remarkable artists appeal to you?
—  I can tell trivial things: Da Vinci, Picasso and Andy Warhol. They are the remarkable and loved ones. But for me everyone is an artist in spirit, even if he paints something unacceptable for the grassroots. But I see uniqueness, character, and a reflection of his soul. I do admire him. Even if a person has never studied, but painted something cool, I may think, “Wow! Today he made my day!” And it gives me a push to paint more and more grandiosely.


—  What else is such an incentive for you?
—  My inner artist helps not to sit up and says that little has been achieved, it is not the limit. It demands, “Come on, make an exhibition in Europe!” It spurs me to get an education in order to answer the question, “Do you have any art education?” I may reply, “Yes, I have recently gotten a diploma of such a school in Italy.” And now I do plan to brush up on the language and get an education in Europe.




—  You lead a healthy lifestyle, you do not eat animal food
and keep to Vedic laws. What does it give you?
—  Since my childhood I haven’t liked meat. I gave cutlets to the dog or hid them behind the fridge. When I began to live on my own, I just didn’t cook them. I’ve never thought about vegetarianism. I haven’t just eaten meat. That’s it. 
In some moment I realized that my diet was very poor and I began looking for interesting recipes. So, Vedic cooking came into my life. My husband is also happy to eat what I cook. If I give him cutlets from lenticels for lunch, he’ll never ask, “Where is meat?” But at the same time I always cook a meat dish for him at dinner time, because vegetarianism is just my desire. If he wants to share it, he’ll say about it. 


—  As far as I know, the Vedic culture for you is not only delicious recipes.
— Yes. Vedic principles strengthen the family in a very good way, and I am guided by these principles. For example, I clearly separate male and female responsibilities. My husband never does any housework: ironing, washing, cleaning and cooking. I do it myself. The most important thing for me is to cook a delicious breakfast for him and see him off to work. In the evening I must meet him looking beautiful, in a clean apartment, with a delicious dinner on the table.
When my friends ask how we manage to keep the family so tightly, preserve and enhance our love, support and care for each other, I tell them about the Vedas and send them to listen to lectures. I’ve gotten so much happiness from the Vedas that it’s a sin not to share it with other people. I tell them about the miracles that occurred in my life due to the Vedas and healthy lifestyle. I do it as much as I can. These are very personal moments that can be shared only with the closest people.
The Vedas undoubtfully work. 
Once I listened to a lecture of a Vedic astrologist Marianna Polonsky. She told us that in order to live in harmony, you have to daily serve some planet, performing certain actions, so that it could help you. It made a strong impression on me.
I realized that Jupiter is the best planet for me. In order to please this planet, I began to cook snacks every Thursday and treat people. For example, on this day I often give a package with goodies to my husband. He takes it to his work. Everybody waits for Thursday there.))
At the same time I am an Orthodox believer. I do not suffer from 
any dissonance. What Orthodoxy does not give me, I take from the Vedas.




—  For some time you had neither a cat, nor a hamster or even a dog. It was a real slow loris! Why have you chosen such a pet?
—  I really wanted to give someone my love and care. And we decided to take a loris. We brought it from Moscow. It lived with us for three months, then we gave it to a family from Yekaterinburg. We had several reasons for this. Firstly, we were about to leave to another country. Secondly, I realized that exotic animals should not live in the apartment. It was just out of my selfishness and whim. The loris is a night animal. And if you live under the Vedas, you realize that nothing good happens at night. At night you should sleep. In the morning and in the afternoon you may do good actions. The loris woke up late at night and began to walk, crawl up the curtains… I thought that when it appeared l could feed it with fruit. But it just did not eat fruit and demanded a “live food”. It was very hard for me to feed it with live cockroaches and caterpillars. In general, there were pros and cons. But I realized that 
the co-existence of a person and an animal must be beneficial. For example, it would be nice to take a lost cat and care for it. Now I want to have a pet again but not an exotic one. But still it is impossible as I am constantly on the move.


—  You are a vivid example of how any person can change his life. What can you advise those people who are only about to do this?
—  Write down your desires on the paper! “I want to paint in the evening”", “I want to feed my husband with breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that he would not eat in the cafes”, “I want a new dress…” When information is written down, it begins working very differently. You just need to occasionally look at it. Usually, on January 1, I write the plan for a year: I will hold the exhibition here and there, I want to create this number of paintings, I want to achieve such a result being healthy and fit, I want to have something in a family, I dream to travel somewhere.” I write it down and put aside. And on December 31 I just see what has come true. 75% does come true! How does it happen? You can call it a miracle. In order to make it happen, you should want something quite sincerely and write down your wish. Then the whole universe will try to do its best in order to implement it! 


PHOTO: Danil Starikov
AUTHOR: Olga Dmitrieva
SOURCE: Internet publication “The Neft” 
October 10, 2014



Childhood and Art

Mom says that I have always been a very open and cheerful child. I have been loved and adored, but I do not remember this. I had a wonderful childhood, but it was absolutely disconnected with art. I drew, and my mother always said, “Natasha, you are good at drawing.” In those moments I thought I should study at art school. But I went to a theatrical coterie, was engaged in folk dances, variety dances. I did everything, except painting. But it’s a certain way that I had to go. So, now I do not have any frameworks, and I do not work according to the canons of academic painting, unlike the artists with a special education. I have my own vision of nature and man. It’s an abstract vision. I work with a solid color without light and shade. Thus the composition is built like a puzzle. Academic painting takes its roots from the past. As there is photographic art, and it is so well-developed that you can perfectly capture the beautiful. And abstract painting comes to the fore, because it is an inner vision of the artist. A photographer cannot do this. This is metamorphosis in the head.


How Wishes Come True

On each January 1 I write my wishes for the next year and successfully forget about them. On December 31 at New Year’s Eve, I just take a look what has come true, and about 80% always comes trues. It’s always so nice. In 2013 I made a wish to become an artist. This year was a turning point because in January did not feel that I was an artist. In February, March, April and May – I wasn’t, either. Then my husband told me to drop all unnecessary things and paint. Being a marketer, I just could not paint in the same style, it was not interesting for me. Then I decided to work on a collection. But I could not do it without a mentor, because the presence of a coach, a teacher differentiates a professional from an amateur. I started looking for a mentor in Novosibirsk and found the site of Alexandra Shatokhina whose extraordinary paintings make me feel delighted. She agreed to teach everything she knows, but just thought that I was a little bit crazy. Then she told me that with each passing day she was falling more and more in love with my passion and desire to do, because I was one of the few who walked as talked. And soon we were preparing the first joint exhibition. Then we parted ways, because we seem to have changed the places: she decided to try her hand in business, opened the first loft in Novosibirsk and began organizing events. But I was sick and tired and wanted to deal only with art.


Gift to Mother and New Art

I had already gotten four paintings but I did not have any gift to my mum on March 8. I decided to paint a landscape. Everything was fine, but I could not paint the sunset. Then I tried to twist the brush. I liked the effect so much that my collection was painted in this technique. I cannot stop yet. I named the technique “twiddle-art”, and Alexandra Shatokhina advised me to patent it. The other day I received a letter from the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademark, where I was informed that the first stage had been successfully passed. They had conducted an analysis of the uniqueness of my technology by representatives of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators. They had already patented the technique of one Tyumen artist who paints from the syringe. The guys from this organization did not look at me as if I were crazy, because they already know how to work with artists.


The First Exhibition

As a marketer, I jumped through hoops: the City Day, the organization of “Three Festivals.” It was the highest challenge for me, and I thought that I would further develop my career in Red Bull or Adrenaline in Moscow. However, that would develop my masculine energy and painting is an occupation for girls. My first exhibition was in Tyumen. I wrote to my friends that I paint and want to come with my exposition “Happiness is in the Details” which consisted of 9 paintings of mine and nine components of happiness by Alexandra Shatokhina. In Tyumen I have a lot of business links, many friends who offered help with free advertising and promotion. I was a hay-shaker for Moscow and St. Petersburg. So, I managed to present my works in these cities only with the third collection “Russia.” I dream to exhibit my works in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. There is a proposal in Prague, but there may be problems with the customs clearance of paintings.


Should an Artist be Hungry?

I think the artist should be well-fed, well-dressed, live in good conditions and work in a light studio. Only then he can bring light. If there were an opportunity to give food, clothe and warm hungry artists, they would be happy. I do not know why my paintings are purchased. Maybe, because of my courage? My works are bought by those who know me as a good, kind person. It is projected onto the paintings, and people want a piece of good to have it at home. Currently I do not have much customized work. Art may and should be business, because it is necessary to provide for yourself. Now there are a lot of handywomen: someone who likes baking cakes sells them via Instagram, someone weaves beads and offers customized decorations, someone sews something. Any art must bring money. It is similar to the dentist’s work, which he receives funds for. You have to read special literature, know the basics of time management, carry out events, seriously treating your work. You are to work hard and be able to sell yourself and your work. In order not to turn into a mediocre person, you have to raise the price for your work and create not for quantity but for quality. At the beginning of my creative career I declared that my painting was only for the soul. But then I was “hungry” for a month and took orders.


About Women’s Happiness

My husband and I met in Tyumen in 2010. Later he was asked to go to Tula where 2GIS branch was about to open. Then he asked me if I believed in love at a distance, my answer was negative, and he invited me to accompany him. I moved to Tula where I was offered the position of Director of Marketing. A year later we moved to Moscow and lived there for six months. My husband was offered to move to Novosibirsk. I go everywhere with him because now I can paint anywhere. The creative process takes place at home, in my studio. It’s very convenient. At first I worked in the studio of Alexandra Shatokhina, then in her loft. I rented a separate studio next to the house. However, I decided that it would be better to work at home. For me the most important thing is that my husband should be fed but not wait for me until I get home thought the terrible traffic jams. He writes to me, “Nat, I am going home”, which means I have 10 minutes. So, I put off everything and run to the kitchen in my home clothes. Then I draw the cloth and again get back to art. I am a very happy person.


The Best City in the World and Contemporary Art

I love modern art. Recently my husband and I have been to Prague, where we have visited the most underground exhibitions. Sometimes even I with my open mind cannot understand some things, but I am all surprised and feel elated. Violence and corruption are unacceptable to me, but contemporary artists cheat every chance on it. These notions are the basic cores which the entire business is built on: politics, religion, sex, violence and kittens. I try to avoid these things. It turns out to be a kind of experiment, “Will I become a sought-after artist?” I am really keen on street art. It is a way of self-expression and transformation of the city, a kind of conversation with its inhabitants. Tyumen is a beautiful city, but in winter or autumn, on an overcast rainy day you want bright colors. It’s fun and an opportunity to raise people’s mood. Today this area is in its infancy in Tyumen. What is done by “Color of the City” and Dmitry Zelenin is definitely very cool. When the boys write their names on the walls by sprays, it’s not cool. It’s like “marking your territory.” In my opinion, Tyumen is not yet ready to accept art. It is necessary to systematically instill the taste. The artists need to find their feet, get out of their studios and show themselves to inhabitants. It takes time, it’s a long process.

Author: Galina Bel’kova

July 23, 2014

   Natalia Lvova is a budding artist. In May 2013 she completed a successful career in marketing and plunged into painting. During this time she has held three exhibitions in different cities of Russia.

   Natalia’s creativity is a celebration of color; each painting is the whole world, bright and rainbow-like. Each painting is striking in its depth and reflection. The artist conducts a dialogue with the viewer, conveying her philosophy of life, covering topics of family values, the continuity of generations, the theme of kindness and mercy.

   As I was editing the material, I kept thinking that we talk a lot about the correct philosophy of life, that we need to give more than to receive, but it is not easy to live in this way. And there are people (I call them Wonderful People) for whom it is natural. I have known Natalia for a bit more than 7 years. And she is from this category of Wonderful Personalities.

   Therefore, before the interview I was a little bit worried. What if I cannot tell what I know? Working with a close friend is a big responsibility.

   And here I am on the threshold of her home, smelling the aroma of her branded cheese casseroles. I see Natalia and involuntarily begin to smile. All my worries seem to be small and insignificant. Charisma and involvement in the life of the charming heroine of our interview make such an influence.

   We talk about many things: about her childhood and hobbies, career and dreams, about business of the whole life and life itself.


- Natalia, who is an artist in your understanding? Has this idea somehow changed since you started painting?

- Yes, it has. I used to think that an artist is someone who paints and organizes exhibitions.

And today an Artist for me is firstly a Doer. This is a person who walks as he talks. Every day he looks around and wants to capture this beauty. There is a city in the gray rain and slush, and he is thinking about transformation and beautifying of the surrounding area! And he does it; he does it in a perfect way. He does it not for the sake of money or glory, but in order to please people, make a passerby smile, so that a person could feel light inside... This is an Artist’s craft.

Now I see the matter from inside and out, that’s why I have such a change in understanding.


- Could you tell me how you revealed an Artist inside?

- Oh, it was a very long way. (Smiles).

We have recently talked with my mother and come to the conclusion that I have been an artist since birth. But I had to go my own way to become the artist who I am now. I attended a theatrical studio as a child, not an art school, took dance classes; I was engaged in extreme sports. I was an art director, a marketer, an advertiser. I organized public events. I had done all this by a certain turning point in my life, in order to start painting and never be distracted by anything else.

I did what I liked, and now it’s time I did what is necessary, what my mission is.


- It is very brave, indeed. You have established yourself as a demanded and highly-earning specialist in marketing and advertising, how could you change your way so easily?

- I achieved everything in my career what I wanted to achieve. 2012 became an apogee. I made an incredible thing, realized a major project with the support of wonderful people. And then there was a period of calmness. I was saving energy. But there was an understanding that if I started a new project in the same field, it would take another year or even more. I drove all my activities to nothing, in order to drop all easily. My inner voice told me not to take up something new. I thank God that He spoke to me. I have beautiful memories under my belt. And my experience.


- Can you tell how this turning point happened in your life?

- Yes. We were going by train with my husband. Ivan has mastered the art of time management, and I asked for a piece of advice from my guru, “In my life I am fond of lots of things: career, sport, videography, English... How can I find some time for painting? How can I realize my dream?” Then he said the words that changed everything in my life, he said, “Nat, there is one extra variable in your equation. It’s your job. I offer you to be an Artist. Do what you want to do and I’ll be making money.” I thought that I was lucky with my husband.” (Laughs).

   Without his support, I would have needed more time to make this step. It was on May 20, 2013. I was going to paint and felt tickled pink! I had no trouble with my job. The rest was swept away or taken back seat. I did have only lifework.


- The society has formed a stereotype of an artist as a person who is hard to work with as he is insecure and unbalanced... We have known each other for a long time; you are different, you keep faith, and working with you is a great success. Are you or your character influenced by a new field of activity?

- I understand what you mean. As a child I threw around things in the room and did not want to clean them up. My mother laughed, “You are my artist.” As for homework, I confess, I did not always do it clean as a whistle, I could wimp out. But it was in childhood. Later everything changed. I have learned hard work and responsibility.

We meet with colleagues, work together. They teach me to wind down, how to relax and succumb to the mood. It’s good, but into the measure. It influences me as much as I need – no more and no less. In our teamwork I teach them obligations, accuracy and punctuality. It is not an empty word for me. It is the foundation of business.

I am an unusual artist. I came from the business world, from the right business where there are tasks, timing and arrangements, where there is a reputation and it’s important. In this world there is no place for migraines. You are late – the deal is lost. You may not have the second chance. I live by these rules.


- But creative people do have critical moments. Inspiration may not always fall for planning. What are your relations with the Muse?

- Lovely. My Muse always comes to me. Perhaps, this is because I work with God. The Muse does always come to me. I always have a stroke of genius, like light bulb moments. They relate not only to painting. It may be an inventive concept, script and a recipe. There is a borderline between reality and dream. This is exactly the moment when ideas come to my mind. I find the strength to get up and write them down in my magical notebook. I photograph when something suggests the idea and then look through my notes and write down my ideas. It’s very important. The Muse cannot be hurt.

I keep records, create separate folders: ideas for paintings or street-art... I have about 80 ideas for paintings. They have been presented by the Muse, and it is important to take gifts with gratitude and use them. Therefore, they will be painted.

I do not drink, neither eat meat, nor smoke. I keep my body and mind in a healthy state. I think it also helps our friendship with the Muse.


- In the East there is a rule: you are not the author of inventions and creativity, you are the conductor. Do you agree with it?

- I agree, every morning I pray to God, just saying, “I am Your instrument. I’m neither a critic, nor a genius. I am not thirsty for laurels or insane wealth. I am Your instrument.”

Sometimes I work a lot, just easily painting 14 hours a day. I could have had some doubts before, “Something is wrong, what if it’s not very nice...” But then I realize that I am an instrument, and I should not judge. That’s the way it is, indeed, no assessment. I do what I must do. No matter who or what may think about it. I just do it efficiently and with pleasure.

Sometimes it happens that I need to paint but I am short of mental strength. So, I do not paint. Sometimes I am engaged in family affairs and other projects within several weeks. And I do not tell myself off for it, I do not reproach myself. I understand that means no time yet.

So, God is busy with something different. He is in no painting humor. (Smiles).


- What are your requirements to work? Do you have personal evaluation criteria?

- Of course. My work must be performed flawlessly. I have very high requirements to its execution. Monitoring and attention in everything: from the selection of canvas and brushes up to transportation of any painting.


- Natasha, you work in your own style. Could you tell me how it originated? What are its characteristics?

- It happened in childhood.


- Even so?

- Yes, it’s my children’s drawings on the back page of school copybooks with an ordinary pen. I can show you. At that time there were these lines, curlicues and circles.


- Very interesting!

- But it was not oil, of course. And if we talk about the artist I am today, I started practising this style of work last year. I was painting a gift for my mother. At some point my brush started to twist and I liked this effect. I thought, “My God! What an amazing texture!” The light played so beautifully. I decided that the next picture would be in the same style. But I painted nine and then twelve more.

   In May 2013 I began working with an amazing artist, Alexander Shatokhina. She greatly influenced me and taught a lot. She always told me that I was amazingly talented, that my paintings were special and my style was unique.

   Alexander studied in London and St. Petersburg. She perfectly knows the history of art. Once she told me, “I do not know what to compare your style with. I suggest you to name and patent it.” We laughed then, and now this process is running. I name my style “Twiddle Art”, which means “a spiral, a curl.” And I am constantly improving it, experimenting with colors, forms and tools.


- Do you feel lack of special education?

- No.

   I came to Alexandra with an offer for the exhibition “Happiness is in the Details.” I had a concept, sketches, but I was short of knowledge how to do it. I could not properly coat canvases; I did not know how to work with color. Alexander supported me; she gave advice and always praised me. In response to my feelings about the lack of education, she told me, “You do not need it. Our modern education teaches academic painting and it is certainly important and necessary. But other artists must be also born.”

I have neither education nor unnecessary fears. I see and express in the manner a person who has lived my life can see. And I have something to say.

But in the future I am planning to choose an institution abroad which will provide me with an opportunity of modular training, so as not to leave my family for a long time.


- Your world is the world of light and goodness. You teach to rejoice and be happy. But, unfortunately, in reality, there are acute social problems. There can be losses and misery. Your way of life was not too smooth. Those who are not personally acquainted with you may think that this girl is a lucky duck in life. She has never known the troubles...

- But it is true! (Laughs).

I think it is true! In my life, of course, there have been difficult situations and misfortunes. I have had losses. And I was deeply worried about them. But I do not think about it. I am so grateful for all. A burden of my own choice is not felt. All grieves are natural. This is what shaped me. Today I am the one due to them. I do not discuss it, without much meditating, keeping it to my chest. It was in the past.

I look at the world and I am glad. I have everything: a wonderful husband, relatives nearby, health, hands, thank God! I am in a good sense. I have a car I go by, neither good nor bad! And many people may think what a pretty blonde she is, she is so lucky, as she is rolling in it. Well, yes, why not. And I am brainy enough. (Smiles).

I’ve always been lucky. Happy childhood, a loving family and friends, a successful career. If there were some sad moments, I think, I never really suffered.

And the fact of social problems, troubles... I do not think about it. I guess I am such one because I do not watch the news. This is not my area of ​​influence; I only care about what I can change. My creativity is a reflection on what mercy, love and kindness are.

I am not interested in reading news. But I really wonder what beautiful is happening in the world, people who make discoveries and share it with the others.

My audience are those who think, looking for answers for the question of their way and what the meaning of life is. My audience are the people of sincerity and honesty, for whom the family and intimacy of souls are important. The people who are not indifferent, who want to see the world bright, but not in the manner it is imposed.


- Is the exhibition “Happiness is in the Details" your first public appearance? Could you tell me what the idea was and whether it was brought to life?

- Yes. The idea was that people should not look for happiness, associating it with material goods and waiting for it thinking, “I am buying a car, an apartment, getting married right away, and then I will be happy.” Happiness is here and now. The fact that we are chatting with you now is happiness! This can be painted – two close people, two soulmates have met. It’s fine.

I have painted my happiness in these nine canvases: a strong family, a possibility to eat ice cream with my mom, walk on the beach... A happy moment when the sun shines in my eyes and I squint.

I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject of happiness in this way. I wanted the audience to have an opportunity to think about what happiness is for them. I wanted them to be happy about colors while looking at paintings. Paintings are full of light. They do have a lot of interesting details. I do not know how much the idea was realized, but the reviews were very warm. They told me that they saw sense and felt comfortable, that they wanted to scrutinize each curl, feeling light and happiness... Many people told me that. It was very sincere.


- Are you criticized?

-  No. Are we talking about painting now?


- Yes.

- I do not hear any criticism. Perhaps, this is because I am not an active blogger. And when people see me, they feel difficult to criticize me because I do it sincerely, not for any selfish purpose.

Besides, they understand that there is nothing to expect from me. They just allow me, a cute girl, to fool with painting. They think that I am a lucky one with my husband. So, all things must pass. (Laughs).


- Tell, please, about your projects. What are you working on now?

- Now I'm preparing two new exhibitions. One of them is called “The Year of Love”, and another one – “Russia.”

   “The Year of Love” is an unusual project about love between a man and a woman in color. This time I am choosing an unusual cover. There will be 12 paintings on wood. I use a light wood. I will dress and coat it myself. Each painting will consist of 8-12 planks butted against each other as a stepping fence. 12 paintings and 12 months of love: golden and windy love in autumn; cozy and ruddy love in winter; smiling, but with a slight cold in spring; sunny and bright in summer. Themes of love, loyalty and family.

The exhibition “Russia” presents my thoughts about my native country. I love traveling. I am excited about the history of different countries. I like meeting and communicating with the locals. I’m thinking about emigrating. But I was born here. I have my roots in Russia where I grew up, where there are my close people and a lot of things I love. I am proud that I am Russian.

Perhaps, this exhibition is my way of saying goodbye to Russia for some time. This topic lives in me now.

There will be ten paintings. Each painting will represent some symbol I associate my country with.


- Have you already settled dates and cities for the exhibitions?

- It will definitely be Tyumen, Novosibirsk and possibly Moscow. As for dates, they will have taken place before I leave for San Francisco, by October.


- What fascinates you in street art?

- For me it is a way out of my comfort zone. I am very comfortable working in my light studio, being alone with the pleasant music. And my art lives at exhibitions, in my home and among those who buy my paintings.

Going out allows me to get out of my comfort zone. I am scared that I will be thumped, and the weather is not always good, not cozy. But there is a great desire that pulls me out of this comfort, because there are places in the city, I would like to transform. I would like to talk with residents of towns about different topics. For example, about safety on the roads.

   And in our recent project we have reminded the Tyumen citizens about the city symbol – blue scales with the inscription “Tyumen” which have been sold all over Russia.

Each project has a concept. We are reasonable adults. We do not write our own names, we are not chicky and nasty. We do not draw on the facades of the administration and historical monuments the slogans of protest; we want to do street art, transform the city, as our colleagues in Europe and around the world do. We get a lot of pleasure. Such fun, a kind of kidding.


- Natasha, do you do customized work?

- I have always thought in this way, “I will be an artist, and I will never do customized work!” Now I understand that I do it. For example, I have recently got an order, and I am really eager to paint, the idea is inspiring. This is optional. But it’s also a great responsibility. If we are on the same wavelength with the person, if he likes my style, I am pleased to paint for him.


- Are there topics out of your scope of work?

- I’m never going to paint something associated with excessive sexual or violent matters.

Besides, I will never deal with a classic portrait, a landscape, a still life or a copy of the painting of the famous artist. Here, of course, it is better to find a painter with an academic art education. He is more appropriate. I’m ready to paint something in my style.


- What do you appreciate in people?

- I have wanted to say “honesty”. But I’d rather say... (thinks and laughs) honesty. In relation to myself and people.


- What would you wish for your audience?

- Be quiet and listen to inner voices. Search for the life task and be happy. Live in harmony.


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