Fire Pot

43x43 in (110x110 cm), oil on canvas

They say that Russians are very hospitable. I can’t speak for everyone, but our family cherishes this beautiful tradition of hospitality. When I was a kid, I remember my mom often began preparing and cooking a meal in the early morning, as our home was always full of many guests. Even now I can imagine the mouthwatering scent of hot pies in the house. To this day, mom still has the same golden samovar (fire pot) in the kitchen. Turning the fire pot’s faucet key you can hear the old, creaky song of my childhood memories. The samovar is placed in the center of the painting, surrounded with cottage cheese pies, cracknel, and bagels. On the bottom left we see a single tea set, while in the upper right there’s a huge painted tray for bread.
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